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Other Technologies (EIA)

Current and future cost and performance data (see above) are sourced from the U.S. Energy Information Administration's (EIA's) Annual Energy Outlook 2021 (AEO2021) projections (EIA, 2021). The ATB does not assess any scenarios of cost and performance advances in these technologies beyond what is captured in the AEO2021 Reference scenario. For all the technology types covered here, the sections below note default procedures and assumptions, and the table below notes exceptions to these defaults.

Capital Expenditures (CAPEX)

Current and future capital costs are from Table 123 of the AEO2021 Reference scenario (EIA, 2021) and are adjusted to remove the material price index.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Costs

O&M costs are from Table 8.2 of the AEO2021 (EIA, 2021) and are assumed to be constant over time. Because the EIA fixed O&M costs for new power plants do not include property tax and insurance costs as part of their reported cost, we increase the fixed O&M by 20%, which is approximately consistent with the internal property tax and insurance accounting that occurs within EIA's capacity expansion model.

Capacity Factor

The average capacity factor is the fleet-wide average reported by EIA for 2019. 

Other Default Assumptions

  • Heat Rates: Heat rates are from Table 8.2 of AEO2021 and assumed to be constant over time.
  • Fuel Prices: Fuel prices are based on the AEO2021 Reference scenario.
  • Financing: Default financial assumptions are used.

Notes and Adjustments

TechnologySubtechnologyNotes and Adjustments
Advanced nuclearAP1000
  • Assumes construction on a brownfield site, with a plant size of 2,156 MW
BiopowerDedicated biopower plant (dedicated)
  • Fuel costs are taken from the Billion Ton Update study (DOE, 2011).
  • Regional variations will likely ultimately impact biomass feedstock costs, but these are not included in the ATB
  • Assumes a plant size of 50 MW


The following references are specific to this page; for all references in this ATB, see References.

EIA. “Annual Energy Outlook 2021.” Energy Information Administration, January 2021.

DOE. “U.S. Billion-Ton Update: Biomass Supply for a Bioenergy and Bioproducts Industry.” Oak Ridge, TN: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, August 2011.

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