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Marine Fuel

Explore the fuel price and emissions intensity of marine fuel.

Marine Fuel

Metric NameMetric Name

Conventional Heavy Fuel Oil

(residual fuel)

Conventional Marine Gas Oil

(distillate fuel)

Conventional Marine Diesel OilBiodiesel (B100)Hydrotreated Renewable DieselFischer Tropsch Diesel
  Market ScenarioMarket ScenarioMarket ScenarioMarket ScenarioMarket ScenarioMarket Scenario
Fuel Price$/gal1.722.622.623.00-3.503.00-4.301.20-3.10

Key Assumptions

The data and estimates presented here are based on the following key assumptions:


For detailed definitions, see:


Conventional marine diesel

Fuel price

Renewable diesel



The following references are specific to this page; for all references in this ATB, see References.

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