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Light-Duty Vehicles

The 2020 Transportation Annual Technology Baseline (ATB) provides current and future projections of cost and performance for select light-duty vehicles and fuels. The 2020 Transportation ATB vehicle data are specifically for midsize passenger cars.

The Transportation ATB provides data in a series of interactive charts for either a single year or a trajectory out to 2050 showing:

  • Fuel economy, reported in miles per gallon gasoline equivalent and representing how efficiently a vehicle converts fuel during operation
  • Vehicle cost, which represents an estimated cost, including manufacturing costs plus profit, to the consumer purchasing a new vehicle.
  • Levelized cost of driving, an indicator of the cost of operation over the vehicle lifetime on a per-mile basis
  • Emissions, which represent the well-to-wheels emissions (including emissions from fuel production to vehicle operation).

The Transportation ATB presents these metrics for individual powertrains and in comparison with other powertrains.

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