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You are viewing an older version of the ATB. The most recent version of this page is for 2023.

2022 ATB Errata

The following errata have been issued since the publication of the 2022 ATB: 

February 15 2023 - Mid Year Update

  • Additional technology details for Fossil Energy were added to reflect the publication of technologies with rates of carbon capture and storage above 90%.
  • Production tax credit values now change with capital recovery period.
  • The values labeled battery CAPEX were corrected to use the label "overnight capital cost," since they do not include costs of construction.
  • The description for "d" in the financial equations was corrected to read "nominal debt rate."
  • Static images of equations were replaced with accessible equations generated in the browser by the MathJax equation rendering framework. Equations also had minor formatting edits to improve legibility.

July 21 2022

June 14 2022

Initial publication (submitted to OEDI June 10th).

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