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Acronyms and Abbreviations

ACalternating current
AEOAnnual Energy Outlook (U.S. Energy Information Administration)
ATBAnnual Technology Baseline
BARBig Adaptive Rotor
BESSbattery energy storage system(s)
BNEFBloomberg NEF
BOSbalance of system
CAPEXcapital expenditures
CCcapital cost (CSP page
CCcombined cycle
CFcapacity factor
CFDCDC-rated capacity
cfscubic feet per second
CO2carbon dioxide
CODcommercial operation date
CCScarbon capture and storage
CRFcapital recovery factor
CSPconcentrating solar power
CTcombustion turbine
DCdirect current
DFdebt fraction
dGenDistributed Generation Market Demand Model
DNIdirect normal irradiance
DOEU.S. Department of Energy
DSCRdebt service coverage ratio
EEREEnergy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, Office of
EGSenhanced geothermal system
EIAU.S. Energy Information Administration
EMRFexpected market return on premium
E/Penergy to power ratio
EPCengineering, procurement, and construction
ETSAPEnergy Technology Systems Analysis Program (IEA)
FCRfixed charge rate
FECMDOE Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management
FER&DFossil Energy Research and Development
FOMfixed operation and maintenance
GCCgrid connection costs
FORGEFrontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy
GETEMGeothermal Electricity Technology Evaluation Model
GHIglobal horizontal irradiance
GWACgigawatt, alternating current
GWegigawatt, electrical
HAPHydropower Advancement Project
HIDEAHydropower Integrated Design and Economic Analysis
HRSGheat recovery steam generator
IDCinterest during construction
IEAInternational Energy Agency
IGCCintegrated gasification combined cycle
ILRinverter loading ratio
IPPindependent power producer
IRENAInternational Renewable Energy Agency
IRPintegrated resource plan
ISO-NEISO New England
ITCinvestment tax credit
JRCJoint Research Centre, European Commission
km2square kilometers
kWACkilowatt, alternating current
kWDCkilowatt, direct current
kWekilowatt electrical
kWhACkilowatt-hour, alternating current
LCOElevelized cost of energy
LFPlithium iron phosphate
LIBlithium-ion battery
LIBORLondon Inter-bank Offered Rate
MACRSmodified accelerated cost recovery system
MWACmegawatt, alternating current
MWDCmegawatt, direct current
MWemegawatt electrical
NETLNational Energy Technology Laboratory
NEMSNational Energy Modeling System
NF-EGSnear-hydrothermal field enhanced geothermal system
NGCCnatural gas combine cycle
NGCTnatural gas combustion turbine
NGFCnatural gas fuel cell
N/Anot applicable
nmnautical miles
NMCnickel manganese cobalt
NPDnon-powered dam
NRELNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
NSDnew stream-reach development
NSRDBNational Solar Radiation Database
O&Moperation and maintenance
OCCovernight capital cost
OPEXoperating expense
ORCAOffshore Regional Cost Analyzer
PCpulverized coal
PPApower purchase agreement
PSHpumped storage hydropower
PTCproduction tax credit
R&Dresearch and development
ReEDSRegional Energy Deployment System
ROPrate of penetration
RROErate of return on equity
RTEround-trip efficiency
SAMSystem Advisor Model
TESthermal energy storage
TMYtypical meteorological year
TRGtechno-resource group
USACEU.S. Army Corps of Engineers
USDU.S. dollars
USGSUnited States Geological Survey
VOMvariable operation and maintenance
WACwatt, alternating current
WDCwatt, direct current
WACCweighted average cost of capital
WINDWind Integration National Dataset
Issue Type
Problem Text