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ATB 2021 Errata

The following errata have been issued since the publication of the 2021 ATB:

August 12 2021

  • The fixed O&M costs for utility-scale PV-plus-battery classes 1 through 5 were increased to match classes 6 - 10.
  • The LCOE equation for utility-scale PV-plus-battery was corrected to use the real capital recovery factor instead of the calculated return on equity. This enables differences in cost recovery periods and caused a decrease in the LCOE for the 30 year CRP of around 10%.
  • The LCOE ranges chart in the data master was updated to remove #REF cells and include new technologies.
  • The tariff values for residential PV in the in the R&D financial scenario have been set to zero.

July 12 2021

Initial publication (submitted to OEDI July 9th).

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