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You are viewing an older version of the ATB. The most recent version of this page is for 2023.

ATB 2021 Errata

The following errata have been issued since the publication of the 2021 ATB:

August 12 2021

  • The fixed O&M costs for utility-scale PV-plus-battery classes 1 through 5 were increased to match classes 6 - 10.
  • The LCOE equation for utility-scale PV-plus-battery was corrected to use the real capital recovery factor instead of the calculated return on equity. This enables differences in cost recovery periods and caused a decrease in the LCOE for the 30 year CRP of around 10%.
  • The LCOE ranges chart in the data master was updated to remove #REF cells and include new technologies.
  • The tariff values for residential PV in the in the R&D financial scenario have been set to zero.

July 12 2021

Initial publication (submitted to OEDI July 9th).

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