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Natural Gas Plants

The ATB includes three natural gas power plant types: a natural gas combustion turbine (gas-CT) and a natural gas combined cycle system (gas-CC) and a natural gas combined cycled system with carbon capture and storage (gas-CC-CCS). The cost and performance characteristics of these plants are adapted from EIA data rather than derived from original analysis.

Natural gas plant CAPEX is taken from the AEO2019 (EIA, 2019a) with the adjustments discussed in the CAPEX definition section. The ATB includes only a single CAPEX projection for each type of natural gas plant.

Current estimates and future projections calculated from AEO2019, modified as described in the CAPEX section.
R&D Only Financial Assumptions (constant background rates, no tax changes)

Comparison with Other Sources

Data sources include the ATB, Black & Veatch, Newell et al., Entergy Arkansas, E3, Varro & Ha, ISO-NE, Lazard, Zoelle et al., PGE, PSE, and

Costs vary due to differences in configuration (e.g., 2x1 versus 1x1), turbine class, and methodology. All costs were converted to the same dollar year.


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